Getting Your Message Out

To get your message to clients and prospects, you’ve made a wise decision to author a book. You realize your book is:
•  An excellent endorsement of you and your firm’s professionalism.
•  An avenue for gaining media attention. Sending the book, along with a press release to local media members may obtain you free space in a publication read by your target market.
The list is limited your own imagination.

Following are a few pointers for getting the power from your copies:

  1. Mark passages that are pertinent to each client’s particular situation that you want to draw their attention to.
  2. Bookmark this passage with a bookmark customized with your contact information., It becomes your personal calling card.
  3. Insert a letter in the front of the book, telling the client why you think he or she would enjoy reading the book, listing a few chapters or pages that are pertinent to his or her situation.
  4. When sending a copy to media members, add one of your quotes from the book to your press release, with page number.
  5. When giving the book out at seminars, refer to several quotes or case studies in the book and tell clients where they can find them so they can read the information later.
  6. Wrap the book with ribbon and a bow indicating it is a special gift you are giving. You might even make them part of a holiday gift basket.

Now that your books are ready to go, It’s time to decide who you will be giving them to. One professional who mentors advisors and consultants says that to really take advantage of the project, no one should have less than 1,000 copies. One thousand copies?  Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it!  However, when taking full advantage of this excellent marketing tool, that may not be enough. For example, you should:

  1. Give a copy to your client and his/her spouse. This way they won’t have to share and can mark the book up.
  2. Have a meeting with extended family members and give each a book.
  3. Offer additional books to clients for neighbors and friends who would be interested in the topic.
  4. Give copies to the first 25 people who show up to your seminar. Encourages them to be early.
  5. Give a copy to each person who books an appointment at your event.
  6. Give extra copies to your friends and family members to share with their friends and neighbors and business associates.
  7. Leave a copy in professional offices, i.e. attorneys, dentists, doctors, etc.

Marketing requires flexibility and the ability to think creativity. Be alert for opportunities that arise, be creative in reaching your target market and, at the end of your campaign, evaluate its success.


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