Marketing Differentiation: Direct Mail

In the last blog, Marketing: Your differentiation factor, I promised to talk about the various marketing methods that, along with your book, will help you retain clients, provide strategic alliances an effective referral tool, and bring prospects to your door.

Here’s a list of the marketing topics I’ll be discussing over the weeks ahead:

• Direct Mail Campaigns
• Email Campaigns
• Radio & Television
• Display and Media Advertising
• Public Relations (PR)
• Seminars
• Additional Book Promotions

Let’s start with Direct Mail Campaigns.

Most of us associate “junk” mail with marketing. After all, during the year most of us receive hundreds of advertising pieces from various companies, i.e. postcards, letters, flyers, etc.

So, how effective is direct mail? Do people throw it into the trashcan without even looking at it? Many direct mail pieces will be tossed. That’s why it is so important your marketing pieces stand out from the hoards of junk mail a person will receive. Here are some tips for doing that:

1) Personalize your mailing. Postcards are more cost effective because they don’t have to be opened for the message to be seen. Make sure your cards are colorful and cleanly designed—don’t clutter them with too much information that no one will read it, yet make sure the important information is included and easy to find. It’s also a good idea to use cards that are larger than the average mail piece as it will help them stand out.

Postcards can be an excellent way to promote an event you are offering. Offer free copies of your book to the first 10 to arrive. It’s also a great way to announce you have authored a book. Offer a free copy for anyone who makes an appointment to meet with you.

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Hire someone to hand write the labels, and adhere 1st class stamps, rather than using a postage meter. This gives it a personal touch. Check with the USPS to learn more about the special marketing programs they provide. They are cost effective and allow you to select the areas of your community you want to market to.

2) Strengthen your identity. Make sure that each mailing you send out will leverage your company’s logo or branding. After all, it is important for clients and prospects to easily identify you with your message.

3) Multiple Mailings. While you may get a certain percentage of recipients who will respond to the first mailing. Many won’t until they receive two or more pieces. Change the messaging and the positioning of your message on each mailing to learn which one works the best. This information will be very useful for future mail campaigns.

Think creatively to increase the effectiveness of your campaign.


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