Publishing Your Book


During my career, I’ve talked to lots of people who want to write a book. It’s exciting to talk to those who have actually done it! Some have written a book about their life, others¬† a book on a topic they can be considered experts on while some have written books for children. No matter what the topic, most have no idea how to go to the next step …. publishing their book.

Today, getting your book published is easier than it has ever been before …. and less expensive. Here are some of the changes that have occurred in the publishing industry over the years:

#1. How do I go about getting my book published?

Getting your book published use to be very difficult, but now-a-days anyone can do it. Here are some of the changes that have occurred.

THEN: You would write your book, prepare a proposal that includes a marketing plan for distributing your book, find an agent who finds it intriguing enough to represent you and will then send it to a mainstream publisher with the hopes they will sign you on. While a few would be accepted, their numbers are minimal.

NOW: The self-publishing industry has made book publishing possible for almost everyone. Once you have written your book, a company such as ours is ready to help you take the book to fruition. We offer all of the services you will need to have a professionally designed book created.

#2. What is the different in cost between being published by a “mainstream publisher” versus self-publishing?

Of course, the big consideration for most authors is the cost of publishing their own books versus having a mainstream publisher cover the costs of production. Here are some of the facts you should know:

MAINSTREAM PUBLISHERS: They will cover the cost of editing, layout and design and printing. However, they will own the copyright to your book until the contracted period ends, and the amount you make from each book will be minimal compared to self-publishing. They ask you to prepare a marketing plan as to how you will sell the books because they want to make sure their up-front costs are covered and they will make some money on the book.

SELF-PUBLISHING: While you will pay the cost of production, you will make substantially more on every book you sell. (See Special Publishing Package.) Plus, you will own the copyright to your book. You will also have more creative choices to make sure the book is exactly what you want, as opposed to having someone else deciding for you. Yes, you will need to market and sell your books, but you are pretty well expected to do that when you go with a mainstream publisher.

#3. What are some things I need to know about having my books printed?

There are a multitude of options available to you today. Here are a few facts you need to know:

PRINTING OPTIONS:¬†When going with a mainstream publisher, they will want you to purchase a large number of books up front again, to help them recoup the cost of production. When self-publishing, your book files will be uploaded to a POD (print on demand) printer where you can order as many or as few as you need. You won’t have to worry about where you are going to store all those boxes of books.

DIGITAL BOOKS: If you don’t want to worry about books and feel your intended readers will be using their tablets, smart phones or computers to read the book, then digital files can be prepared. Of course, if you decide you want 1-2 print copies, you can still do that through the POD.

Hopefully this has answered as few of your questions about self publishing. However, I’m sure you have more. Feel free to call us at 435.750.0062 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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