Put on Your PR Hat


When planning marketing strategies, financial advisors often forget one important element –Public Relations (PR). Do you want to increase your exposure within your target market? Are you ready to put your PR hat on?  Then this coaching program is for you. Its purpose is help you–or someone within your office–plan and implement a cost-effective, top-notch PR campaign.

Services designed for:
 You or a designated PR representative who needs professional guidance to develop, implement and maintain a successful PR campaign. Note: If required, please get approval from your compliance department to participate.
Areas of Specialization: We’ll help you Identify your niche market, develop a media list, prepare a press kit, writing press releases, develop long-lasting and productive relationships with members of the media, along with provide you tips that will make you shine during the media interview.
Professional fees: Monthly retainer fee ranging from $300 – $800 per month. While a 12-month commitment is recommended, a 3-month trial is available offered.  A special 15% discount is available for book participants.

  1. One-on-one telephone coaching session to address your specific needs
  2. Group coaching session to cover topics pertinent to every PR campaign
  3. Unlimited email correspondence to answer questions and concerns as they arise
  4. Copy of “PR SAVVY for the Financial Professional” by Lyn Fisher and Sydney LeBlanc (eBook,  Audiobook –CDs, or MP3 download)
  5. Editing services for press releases (1 per month maximum) and your press kit
  6. FREE eBooklet filled with innovative marketing ideas

Are you a good candidate for coaching services? This coaching program is ideal for financial professionals who wants to set themselves apart from their competition and establish themselves as experts in their areas of specialization.
If you can answer “yes” to the following questions, then this program is for you:

  1. I realize that marketing and PR are necessary elements for growing a successful financial advisory practice
  2. I am willing to commit my time, or to designate a member of my staff who will follow the necessary steps to achieve a successful PR campaign.
  3. I am ready to reap the rewards that PR will bring my way.
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